Bulk Hiring Consultants

Bulk Hiring

With more than decade of experience in Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment we have creditable experience in Sourcing, Screening and Selection process of huge no. of prospective candidates for various Organizations India who are Multinationals and Internationals.

A brief list of our Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment clients are Snap Deal, First Cry, Vulcan, ARAMAX, Patanjali, Mahindra and many more.

Bulk Hiring Process

Where we make different from other Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment consultants?

Our strategy:

Planning and preparation

To meet the challenge of Bulk Hiring, we start with planning and preparation in advance, and by following a few key steps, the hiring and on-boarding challenge can be met, ensuring your company is able to meet the staffing and business challenges it now faces.

Our strength:

Strong team force

We have a dedicated 30+ member team of experienced “Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment experts” and enthusiastic youngsters with strong on-field experience in Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment. Our “Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment experts” have got strong networks that help them to achieve target.

For every Bulk hiring / Mass recruitment process we build database based on the agreed terms with the client, which will be arrived only after thorough study of the Industry norms, Management preference and Local viability.

Use of various latest methods:

Use of social media networking a very viable source to reach toady generation of work force. We develop a strategy to get more out of this effort by dedicated team.

Referral programs are quite useful in terms of getting candidates in bulk. According to market research, A good percent of workforce comes from referral network.

Job Fair:

An absolutely economical and sometimes free of cost way to get Mass recruitment task done. The various ways we get this done are, associations & NGOs, pamphlet distribution, SMS blasts through company’s bulk SMS division, campus recruitments and district employment exchanges.

Telemarketing campaigns:

With our dedicated teams we make talent acquisition happen with ease. Using the latest technologies, that helps us to acquire a mass pool of talented candidates.

Some of our client using our bulk hiring service