Warehouse Management Outsourced

Managed Services

Our tailor-made services is best to suit your requirements

Million Minds offer tailor made service for our customer depending upon requirements. Our business designer team takes systematic steps to understand our customer’s business and accordingly provide right solution to the customer. Our smart business solution and systematic approach towards business has documentarily decreased expenses of the customer and generated more value for money.

At Million minds, we thoroughly analyze our clients’ data, business processes and costs and then design targeted solutions that consider optimal lane expenses, capacity shifts, and warehouse rationalization. Whether a client requires management of all or part of its process, our full attention and expertise is applied to every solution we provide.

We not only satisfy our customer but our focus is to satisfy customer’s customer so that the business has a holistic development. Due to our specialized approach our customers have experience sustainable growth in their business and maintained better cash flow.

We are working with Top notch organizations where we are providing Managed services:

  1. Dedicated Warehouse provided to the customer
  2. Manpower outsourced and manage output
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Distribution Management
  5. Data Management
  6. MIS

Client we are serving for managed services